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Before you continue viewing this web site, we suggest that you go to "My Story" by Nelson Vergel for background information.

Nelson's personal story will give you a basic understanding of how anabolic therapies, nutrition, and exercise are used in the fight against HIV.

Read the Baltimore Sun interview with Nelson.

Nelson Vergel's
Survival Blog

Michael Mooney,
Editor & Publisher
Passed Away November 2019

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Michael Mooney

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Reasons One Might Not Use Testosterone

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Reducing Belly Fat Lipodystrophy

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Survey: Impact of Lipodystrophy on Quality of Life and Self-Esteem

Watson Quits Nandrolone Production And Savient Stops Oxandrin's Patient Assistance Program

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Help Save The Compounding Pharmacies From Attack

Stop The Attack On Your Access To Steroid Therapies: Distribute A Flyer To Help Bring Back Nandrolone And The Oxandrin Patient Assistance Program

Lipodystrophy Treatments by Nelson Vergel

Nelson Vergel Interviews Donald Kotler, MD. About Metabolic Issues

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Metabolic Effects of Nandrolone and Weight Training, A Study by Sattler, et al.

Effect of Nandrolone Therapy On Weight in HIV+Women

Nelson Vergel On Chipmunk Cheeks/Bullfrog Necks

Anabolic Steroid-Induced Hypogonadism by Michael Scally, MD. Harvard Medical School

Nelson Vergel Interview in AIDSMAP (See Page 8)

Study Shows Nandrolone Works Better Than Testosterone

Former USDA Nutrition Director Says USDA Is Corrupt

Medical Journals Are An Extension Of the Marketing Arms Of The Pharmaceutical Companies: Expose By Former Editor Of the British Medical Journal

LA Weekly Steroid Article Quotes Michael and Nelson

Patient Assistance Programs: Marinol And Other Meds

Nelson Vergel Interview In HIVPLUS

CODEX Threatens Your Right To Buy Dietary Supplements

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